E.164 Numbering Scheme

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for English Local Education Authorities and Regional Broadband Consortia, Scottish Local Education Authorities and National Agencies, and Welsh Unitary Authorities

After consideration of the views express by interested parties, the following E.164 numbering scheme will be operated for videoconferencing services provided to primary and secondary education throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

Structure of Addresses

The structure of each E.164 address will accord to the following scheme
Janet End User Assigned. The schema detailed here was initially recommended by the RBC Technical Group and now being used throughout the UK schools sector
International Prefix Local / Regional prefix Category Organisation ID End-Point ID
0044 02XXX (5 digits) 1 digit 4 digits 3 digits
The Janet assigned part of the address is structured as follows:
International Prefix The international dialling code for the United Kingdom
Local / Regional Prefix Unique 5-digit code to represent either a LEA or a regional grouping. It is expected that endpoints identified with a LEA will be addressed within the LEA’s Prefix. Endpoints that are part of a regional infrastructure (such as those which might be operated by a RBC on behalf of others within the region) should be addressed within the regional grouping Prefix

The annexes to this document list the Local/Regional Prefixes that are currently assigned. Annex 1 lists those assigned to English LEAs and RBCs. Annex 2 lists the
prefixes assigned to Scottish LEAs and National Bodies. Annex 3 lists prefixes assigned to the Welsh Unitary Authorities.


A single digit defining the category of connection. This has a defined set of values, and therefore can be used to interpret the following digits of the address. Janet maintains the list of defined values on behalf of the RBC Technical Group. To date four values have been defined:

  1. School
  2. Museums, Libraries and Archives
  3. Local Authority
  4. Adult or Community Learning Centre
Organisation ID 4 digits to define the particular organisation within category. For a school this will be the last 4 digits of the DfES national school number (i.e. it will be unique within a LEA).
End-Point ID 3 digits to be defined by the organisation to identify individual endpoints within the organisation's site(s).

Constraints on Assignment of Addresses

The above scheme is a total of 17 digits in length. The recommendation for the length of E.164 addresses by the ITU is also 17 digits. It is recommended that no more than this number of digits be used, to retain future compatibility with any future schemes developed within the ITU framework (e.g. the possible integration of  videoconferencing and voice telephony.) If an organisation nevertheless intends to use more than 17 digits, it is strongly recommended that before implementation it checks that its equipment can support E.164 addresses with more than 17 digits.

If the RBC scheme for the End-user assigned part of the address is not followed, implementers should note that it is recommended that the first digit of this part should
not be zero. This is because zero is sometimes used as an escape code in schemes that allow the End-user assigned part of the address only to be used in a local context (c.f. the use of telephone numbers within a local dialling area without the need to prefix it with the national dialling code).

Annex 1: Local/Regional Prefixes for English Local Education Authorities and Regional Broadband Consortia

Portability of Local/Regional Prefixes in England

The Local/Regional Prefixes have been assigned on a regional basis and in contiguous blocks. This is to facilitate their use by RBCs or other regional co-ordinating
organisations. The assignment and therefore block structure was made using the membership of the ten RBCs in May 2003.

If a LEA should leave a RBC, Janet reserves the right to require it to relinquish its Prefix, if in Janet’s opinion retention of the Prefix would cause operational
difficulties. In this event a new Prefix would be assigned to the LEA.

If a LEA should join a RBC, or transfer between RBCs, the same consideration will apply to any Prefix which it currently holds. The assignment of contiguous blocks has been made in a manner that allows a small number of additional Prefixes subsequently to be assigned to a regional block, should the need arise.

English LEAs which are members of RBCs
Cumbria and Lancashire Education Online 02000
Cumbria 02001
Lancashire 02002
East Midlands Broadband Consortium (Central Server Farm) 02010
Derby City 02011
Derbyshire 02012
Leicester City 02013
Leicestershire 02014
Lincolnshire 02015
Northamptonshire 02016
Nottingham City 02017
Nottinghamshire 02018
Rutland 02019
East of England Regional Broadband Consortium 02020
Cambridgeshire 02021
Hertfordshire 02022
Bedfordshire 02023
Norfolk 02024
Suffolk 02025
Essex 02026
Peterborough 02027
Milton Keynes 02028
Luton 02029
Thurrock 02030
Southend-on-Sea 02031
London Grid for Learning 02035
Barking and Dagenham 02036
Barnet 02037
Bexley 02038
Brent 02039
Bromley 02040
Camden 02041
Corporation of London 02042
Croyden 02043
Ealing 02044
Enfield 02045
Greenwich 02046
Hackney 02047
Hammersmith and Fulham 02048
Haringey 02049
Harrow 02050
Havering 02051
Hillingdon 02052
Hounslow 02053
Islington 02054
Kensington and Chelsea 02055
Kingston 02056
Lambeth 02057
Lewisham 02058
Redbridge 02061
Richmond 02062
Southwark 02063
Sutton 02064
Tower Hamlets 02065
Waltham Forest 02066
Wandsworth 02067
Westminster 02068
Assigned to LGfL 02069
Assigned to LGfL 02070
North West Learning Grid 02075
Blackburn with Darwen 02076
Blackpool 02077
Bolton 02078
Bury 02079
Cheshire 02080
Halton 02081
Knowsley 02082
Liverpool 02083
Manchester 02084
Oldham 02085
Rochdale 02086
Salford 02087
Sefton 02088
St Helens 02089
Stockport 02090
Trafford 02091
Warrington 02092
Wirral 02093
Northern Grid for Learning 02100
North Tyneside 02101
South Tyneside 02102
Gateshead 02103
available for reassignment 02104
available for reassignment 02105
Darlington 02106
Middlesborough 02107
Stockton-on-Tees 02108
Hartlepool 02109
Redcar and Cleveland 02110
available for reassignment 02111
available for reassignment 02112
South East Grid for Learning 02115
Bracknell Forest 02116
Brighton and Hove 02117
Buckinghamshire 02118
East Sussex 02119
Hampshire 02120
Isle of Wight 02121
Kent 02122
Medway 02123
Portsmouth 02124
Reading 02125
Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead 02126
Slough 02127
Southampton 02128
Surrey 02129
West Berkshire 02130
West Sussex 02131
Wokingham 02132
South West Grid for Learning 02135
Bath and North East Somerset 02136
Bournemouth 02137
Bristol 02138
Cornwall 02139
Devon 02140
Dorset 02141
Gloucestershire 02142
North Somerset 02143
Plymouth 02144
Poole 02145
Somerset 02146
South Gloucestershire 02142
Swindon 02148
Torbay 02149
Wiltshire 02150
West Midlands Broadband Project 02155
Birmingham 02156
Dudley 02157
Sandwell 02158
Walsall 02159
Shropshire 02160
Staffordshire 02161
Coventry 02162
Herefordshire 02163
Worcestershire 02164
Warwickshire 02165
Wolverhampton 02166
Stoke on Trent 02167
Telford and the Wrekin 02168
Solihull 02169
Yorkshire and Humberside Community Grid for Learning 02175
Sheffield 02176
available for reassignment 02177
East Riding of Yorkshire 02178
North Yorkshire 02179
North Lincolnshire 02180
Doncaster 02182
Rotherham 02183
Hull 02184
Kirkley 02185
Cauderdale 02186
Wakefield 02187
English LEAs which are not members of RBCs
Barnsley 02200
Bradford 02201
Oxford 02202
Tameside 02203
Wigan 02204
York 02205
Leeds 02206
Pre-assigned for East Midlands LEAs using their own gatekeeper
East Midlands Broadband Consortium 02110
Derby City 02211
Derbyshire 02212
Leicester City 02213
Leicestershire 02214
Lincolnshire 02215
Northamptonshire 02216
Nottingham City 02217
Nottinghamshire 02218
Rutland 02219
LEAs served by Derwentshire District Council
Durham 02225
Newcastle upon Tyne 02226
Northumberland 02227
Sunderland 02228

Annex 2: Local/Regional Prefixes for Scottish Local Education Authorities and National Agencies

Portability of Local / Regional Prefixes in Scotland

The Local/Regional Prefixes have been assigned on a consecutive basis. This is to facilitate their use by LEAs or other regional co-ordinating organisations. If a LEA
should leave the SSDN Interconnect, Janet reserves the right to require it to relinquish its Prefix, if in Janet’s opinion retention of the Prefix would cause

Local Authority / National Body
Aberdeen City Council 02300
Aberdeenshire 02301
Angus Council 02302
Argyll and Bute Council 02302
Clackmananshire Council 02304
Comhairle Nan Eilean Siar (Western Isles) 02305
Dumfries and Galloway Council 02306
Dundee City Council 02307
East Ayrshire Council 02308
East Dunbartonshire Council 02308
East Lothian Council 02310
East Renfrewshire Council 02311
Edinburgh City Council 02312
Falkirk Council 02313
Fife Council 02314
Glasgow Council, City of 02315
Highland Council 02316
Inverclyde Council 02317
Midlothian Council 02318
Moray Council 02319
North Ayrshire Council 02320
North Lanarkshire Council 02321
Orkney Islands Council 02322
Perth and Kinross Council 02323
Renfrewshire Council 02324
Scottish Borders Council 02325
Shetland Islands Council 02326
South Ayrshire Council 02327
South Lanarkshire Council 02328
Stirling Council 02329
West Dunbartonshire Council 02330
West Lothian Council 02330
Learning and Teaching Scotland 02332
Scottish Qualifications Authority 02333
SEEMIS 02334

Annex 3: Local/Regional Prefixes or Welsh Unitary Authorities

Portability of Local / Regional Prefixes in Wales

The Local/Regional Prefixes have been assigned on a consecutive basis. This is to facilitate their use by (UA) Unitary Authorities or other regional co-ordinating organisations. If there are changes to the UAs, Janet reserves the right to require amendments to assigned Prefixes, if in Janet’s opinion retention of the existing Prefix would cause operational difficulties.

Any additional Prefixes subsequently required will be the next available prefix from the end of the current sequence.

Welsh Local Authority
Anglesey 02400
Blaenau Gwent 02401
Bridgend 02402
Caerphilly 02403
Cardiff 02404
Carmarthenshire 02405
Ceredigion 02406
Conwy 02407
Denbighshire 02408
Flintshire 02409
Gwynedd 02410
Merthyr Tydfil 02411
Monmouthshire 02412
Neath Port Talbot 02413
Newport 02414
Pembrokeshire 02415
Powys 02416
Rhondda Cynon Taff 02417
Swansea 02418
Vale of Glamorgan 02420
Wrexham 02421