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Joining the room The sidebar Setup Screen share Chat Controls, and other features Joining a videoconference via a browser is easier than ever on our new conference interface, available in Chrome and Firefox. Joining the room
Your video systems Searching for a video system Registering a new video system Modifying your video systems details  View your video systems details Scheduling a test with the Vscene OperatorsChecking for available testing days
Joining via your browser Using the browser Joining via your browser If you don’t have access to a hardware system, then you can easily join a conference via your browser. If you or another participant has scheduled a meeting using vscene, you will receive an email invite with the conference details. This email will include a link to join the videoconference via your browser.
Entering the browser test room Device settings Audio and video test The browser test room has been created to allow you to test your audio and video, in preparation for joining a videoconference via your browser.    Entering the browser test room There are several ways that you can enter test room. There is a public virtual room, which is available 24/7.