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Appeals Registrars will be advised of the reasons where domain name requests are Rejected by the Naming Committee. It is the responsibility of the Registrar to ensure that they pass this information back to their customer.
All organisations applying either for a new domain name, or a modification, in the domain must have an Approved Registrar Membership Account, with Jisc unless they are connected to the Janet network. There is no charge for organisations having an Approved Registrar Membership Account. However, this facility is generally only available to organisations who anticipate that they will be submitting a number of domain name requests through Jisc.
Procedure Submitting requests: All requests must be submitted by an Approved Registrar unless the domain name request is being submitted by an organisation that is currently connected to the Janet network.
Download the full evaluation of the Clearone Collaborate Room Pro 600 system
The evaluation report for the Telepresence SX80 can be downloaded at this link
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April 2014 - 8-14/04/2014 This advisory applies to all member organisations using RADIUS systems using TLS enabled with OpenSSL. Go to:
You'll find below a list of helpful use guides. We will continue to update and more user guides and videos as we create them. If you can't find what you are looking for, or you have an idea for a new guide or video, please get in touch Help Guides: Advice for dial in participants with a hardware system here
Version: 7           Issued: 25/01/2019 Reference: MF-POL-016 Author/Owner: Claire Forkner Last Reviewed Date: 03/01/2020
Conference participants can be included as a dial-in participant if they would prefer to dial-in rather than have Vscene automatically call out to them. Dial-in participants will receive an email with dial-in detail ahead of the conference. The dial-in options provided in an email to an IP dial-in participant appear as [PIN or Room Number]@[IP address]. Some VC system manufacturers deal with PINs or Room ID Numbers in different ways. If in doubt, just dial the IP address first and then enter the Room Number when asked for a PIN.