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What is the scope of the framework? This framework agreement has been set up by Jisc Services Ltd (JSL) for the provision of Vulnerability Assessment Services. Who can use the Framework? Jisc Services Ltd, Higher Education Institutions, Further Education Colleges and Research Council establishments in the UK. Services are also provided to other organisations, such as Local Authorities, and commercial sectors, which work in collaboration with these bodies in the areas of education, training or research.
As submitted to the House of Commons' Bill Committee
Google has now removed support for NPAPI plugins, which we relied on until recently. The Vscene Desktop plugin has been re-designed to function in a different way and we are currently working on integrating it into our system. We hope to have both the PC and the Mac versions avaialble soon. Our desktop plugin can be used with IE11, Safari, Opera, and the latest Firefox versions, so we hope that most users will have access to one of these in the meantime.
Entering the browser test room Device settings Audio and video test The browser test room has been created to allow you to test your audio and video, in preparation for joining a videoconference via your browser.    Entering the browser test room There are several ways that you can enter test room. There is a public virtual room, which is available 24/7.
Click to follow link >> Hints and Tips for Connecting Problematic Devices to eduroam Document produced 2013
This document describes the architecture of the eduroam service for federated (wireless) network access in academia.
Security was a major requirement in the design of eduroam, to ensure that organisations that provide visitor facilities, and the guests who make use of them, are not exposed to additional risks outside their control. eduroam should present fewer risks than the existing ad hoc arrangements for guest users. The factsheet below explains the security measures within eduroam and how organisations can use them to protect their own security.
This advisory is relevant to all eduroam(UK) Home (IdP) service organisations that are using server certificates supplied through the Jisc Certificate Service (Janet Certificate Service) for RADIUS servers acting as authenticators. It describes the effect of the change to the new certificate authority which occurred in May 2015, together with the measures that need to be planned for and put into effect.
As its title suggests, the Commission's public consultation on the regulatory environment for platforms, online intermediaries, data and cloud computing and the collaborative economy covers a lot of different areas. One of these is the rules for on-line intermediaries (at present networks, caches and hosts that carry third party content).
This is a historical list of updates and system revisions Release 23  Planned deployment 6th March 2017 A completely new videoconferencing interface for browsers, usable on Chrome, Firefox, and Opera, and on Linux. Read about the features on the Learn More page.