Connection information

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The connection information window is your portal to any conference or virtual room on Vscene. Click 'Join' next to a scheduled conference or virtual room to open it.

The tabs on the left hand side give instructions on how to join your videoconference via different methods: with your web browser, a videoconferencing hardware system, your phone, or with a VidyoRoom system.

The room information panel

You can also view information about the room in the same window by clicking ‘Room information’ in the top-right of the window. As well as general room information, you can also find owners of the room. If you own this room, or the room is public, you can invite new participants with the ‘Invite by email’ button. Room owners can also see the ‘Control panel’ button, where they can manage the room’s features and participants.

At the top of the connection window you can see the room's name and number. This number is used as the extension when accessing the room.

Joining through your web browser

If you are joining through your browser, simply select the Web browser tab and click ‘Join now.’ On Chrome and Firefox you will be able to use our latest videoconferencing interface (learn more here). Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera will use the previous version of our interface (learn more here).

You can also copy the direct link to your clipboard, to paste into another browser or to send to another participant.

Joining through a videoconferencing system

If you are using a hardware system, select the ‘VC system’ tab. Use the text box to search for your VC system and, once it is selected, click 'Connect.' The systems listed as you start to type are the VC systems that you are allowed to launch direct calls to. Clicking connect will directly call that VC system and add it to your virtual room or conference.

If you can not find your VC system it may not be registered with Vscene. Click here for instructions on how to register a system.

Instead of getting Vscene to call your system, you can instead call into the Vscene virtual room or conference. You can call with a GDS number, IP address, or SIP address. Once connected you will see a holding screen; you will then be asked to dial the room’s extension followed by a #.

If you can’t dial an extension on your system (possibly because your remote control does not allow this, or you cannot send dial tones), click ‘Show direct dial details’ and use the details given there to dial directly into the room.

Joining through your phone

Connecting to a room via phone is as simple as calling the given number, then entering your room’s extension when asked for it. 

Joining through a VidyoRoom system

Enter your VidyoRoom system’s email address and press ‘Send invitation,’ and Vscene will send an invitation to your system within a few minutes. You can then add the invitation to your system’s calendar.

If you do not know your VidyoRoom system’s email address, check the bottom-left of the screen, or contact your local IT support.