Off-site resolver service

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Janet recommends that each Janet organisation should have at least one resolver locally in its own campus network unless some good reason makes that impracticable. If a client computer cannot contact a resolver then it will in practice be cut off from the Internet and possibly from other computers in the same network.

Nevertheless Janet accepts that there is a requirement for a central last-resort service. Organisations with very small networks may find it appropriate to use an off-site resolver, and Janet has set up this service for their benefit. Dedicated resolvers located in the core of Janet will answer queries for domain name resolution that come from client computers on a customer organisation's network. Access to these servers is enabled only for the Janet IP addresses of those organisations which have registered for the service. Note that this service is intended to support e-mail and web use by a customer organisation, but not to resolve local queries, such as name resolution for a local printer, which should be done through local name directories if a local DNS service is not used.

For more information on how DNS resolvers work click on the following link: - DNS Resolvers