Janet Mailer Shield

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Mailer shield service – closing November 2018

Following the annual review of the mailer shield service, we consider this service to be no longer capable of scaling to adequately protect the size of email services that are implemented in the current environment.

Therefore, the decision has been made to withdraw the service from 30th November 2018 and we will no longer be accepting new applications.

We will be contacting existing users to offer transition advice and guidance before it closes and will continue to support our existing mailer shield service customers until the service is withdrawn.

The Janet Mailer Shield service helps make an organisation’s mail facilities more secure and robust, particularly where the organisation is small or its resources for managing e-mail are limited.

The service offers (subject to certain restrictions):

  • substantial protection against your mail servers being misused to relay messages between third parties
  • limited identification and tagging of mail which may then be treated as spam (also known as UBE or Unsolicited Bulk Email).

The service does not provide:

  • protection against e-mail borne viruses
  • filtering, rejection or suppression of messages with undesirable contents
  • rejection or suppression of spam.

These functions can be implemented through other commercial or freeware services and products.