Procurement Policy

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Version: 7          

Issued: 25/01/2019

Reference: MF-POL-016

Author/Owner: Claire Forkner

Last Reviewed Date: 03/01/2020

Purchasing Policy

As a public sector organisation, Jisc is subject to a series of EU directives, implemented in the UK by the Public Procurement Regulations. These regulations promote non-discriminatory and transparent competition between suppliers of goods, services, works and utilities. If the value of a contract proposal is expected to exceed the current EU threshold, then Jisc must publish a Contract notice in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) or purchase via an existing framework agreement that Jisc is eligible to use.


Jisc provides services to all Higher Education Institutions, Further Education and Specialist Colleges and Research Council establishments in the UK. Jisc also provides services to many Local Authority education networks, in support of ICT provision in schools and in adult and community learning. Jisc is an IP-based network with more than 1,000 direct connections available to a community of 18 million users.

Eligibility Policy

The Eligibility Policy defines the conditions under which any organisation may be eligible for Jisc services. 


Jisc uses an e-tendering solution called ProContract which is now the gateway to dealing with Jisc. The portal can be accessed directly by going to It is free for suppliers to register their details on the system which will then allow you to deal with Jisc, receive email alerts when a contract of interest arises, or to take part in a tender process.

The system handles all aspects of the tender process including SQs (selection questionnaire), ITTs and RFQs. All procurement correspondence will now be sent/received via the Jisc portal. Documentation will not be available to potential tenderers until they have registered on the system. Please see below the attached detailed Supplier User Guide.

Responding to procurements

Jisc will always ask suppliers to register their intention to submit a response to a procurement on the Jisc e-tendering opportunities portal at If you have not registered, you will not be able to respond to an OJEU procurement. This is so that you may be kept informed of any issues of clarification to the procurement documentation that may need to be made subsequent to the issue of such documentation. You must register as a system user if you are a first time user of the Jisc opportunities portal, which is a one-off activity.

If you are accepted by Jisc, you will receive a username and password that you should use for all future accesses to the system. The only time that Jisc will reject a supplier is if there is an attempt to have a duplicate registration for a supplier. Also, please note that this first time registration is not a registration for a particular contract, it is only the registration on the Jisc portal.

When you receive your username and password, then you must log in and then register your interest in a specific contract. It is recommended that a generic mailbox (such as sales@supplier) is set up, so that information from the system can be sent to more than one representative at your company. Suppliers must download the procurement documents to your local system, fill in the documents, and then upload back to the system (it is not possible to fill in the documents online). Please do not try to upload documents very close to the closing time of the procurement because the tender boxes will be locked at 12:00 and any documents that are part way through being uploaded will be rejected.

Evaluation of tenders

Jisc will select the response that offers the Most Economically Advantageous Tender. This means buying the solution that best matches Jisc’s needs, having considered a number of factors which will include, but may not necessarily be limited to, the ability to meet mandatory requirements, quality, service, delivery and whole life issues, including maintenance costs.

Evaluation criteria

Jisc publishes the evaluation criteria during the invitation process. All responses are evaluated against the published criteria. A contract is awarded as soon as possible after the evaluation process has been completed. A formal acceptance letter and contract document are sent to the successful tenderer and letters of decline are sent to the unsuccessful tenderers.

Procurement debriefs

Suppliers that have not been successful will receive information showing the relative advantages of their tender against the successful bidder. All information from the evaluation process will be included and therefore no further debrief will be offered.

Frequently asked questions

For answers to some frequently asked questions visit the FAQs pages

Procurement Team contact

For all correspondence about procurement matters please email Procurement:

Forthcoming procurements

Procurements that Jisc might launch over the coming year will be listed here. Suppliers are asked not to contact Jisc about these procurements until they are officially issued.