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The Wireless Technical Advisory Service (WTAS) ran for a number of years and as technologies have improved, the demand for this advisory service has decreased. It is important that we direct resources to those areas that are most needed by our community and so it was decided that the service would close at the end of March 2015. We'd like to thank Loughborough University, especially Matt Cook, Pranay Pancholi and Scott Armitage, for their advice and support over the years. Existing documents will remain available on the web site but we won't be responding to new queries after that date and neither will we add any new content. Should you have any wireless related queries, you may find that someone has asked the same question on the wireless-admin Jiscmail list and that it has been answered: WIRELESS-ADMIN@JISCMAIL.AC.UK Don’t forget that we have various documents and guides in our library area here. If you haven't already joined the list you can do so at If you have any questions please contact

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Passive Site Survey

28 January 2015 at 4:48pm
Creating a new project in Airmagnet Survey Pro

Wireless site surveys are undertaken to aid in planning and deploying a new or an existing network.

The site survey will determine any dead spot holes, overall signal coverage and interference. Gathering this information will help to determine how many access points are required for your site as well as suitable locations for points of install.

Site surveys are often required for new and existing installations.

A screencast demonstrates how to plan a wireless site survey using Airmagnet Survey Pro.