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A group to go alongside the WIRELESS-ADMIN JISCMAIL list - a place to store documents and record issues in the world of WiFi


A few years experience has led to certain wireless options being set on our Cisco Wireless Controllers due to different reasons. Here is a summary of what we have set at the University of Leicester, and why we set them. They are generally valid for other wireless systems as well. Of course, there are likely things we've got wrong or missed out, so feedback is welcome.


the future of media streaming or a portent to problems we'll see with future WiFi gadgets?

From the outset, it appears Google Chromecast is aimed at the home market with not even a nod to enterprise space. You can forget using Chromecast and 'casting' to your meeting room TV or reception TVs for a few reasons

1) Chromecast does not currently support 802.1X wireless  (feature request has been asked)


A place to hold issues about clients on WiFi

Windows 8.1 - Driver issue - May need to downgrade the driver (Broadcom seems to be the main one affected) to the Windows 8.0 version or look for an updated 8.1 driver

Android/Kaspersky interaction problem - stops the client working with 802.1X networks - authentication appears to work but the client doesnt get an address by DHCP afterward

..others to be added

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