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The VTAS service has now been retired (May 2017).

In a new partnership with Ajenta, Jisc are planning the next evolution of the Vscene videoconferencing service. As part of this change Jisc has decided to retire the VTAS service. The content below is part of the VTAS archive.

The Janet Video Technology Advisory Service (VTAS)  provides unbiased technical advice on equipment and issues related to videoconferencing. Product evaluations are published via this web site for all of the Janet community to access.

The team of advisers are all experts in various aspects of videoconferencing technology which provides an excellent knowledge base for any queries they receive.

Janet also offers courses in videoconferencing to provide a working knowledge of the technology for those who are new to the concept.

The summary table of various videoconferencing systems can be found on the community site.

Most recent evaluations include:

Cisco Telepresence SX80 - Evaluation document

Clearone Collaborate Room Pro 600 - Evaluation document

Vidyo HD40 and HD100 - Evaluation document

Vidyo HD40 and HD100 - Manufacturer's comments

Cisco SX10 - Evaluation document

Cisco SX10 - Manufacturer's comments

AVer EVC130p - Evaluation document

AVer EVC130p - Manufacturer's comments

Starleaf GT Mini and PT Mini - Evaluation document

Starleaf GT Mini and PT Mini - Manufacturer's comments

Huawei TE30 - Evaluation document

Huawei TE30 - Manufacturer's comments

Other evaluations can be found in the library area.

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