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This year we will be holding two separate events on two separate days. One day will focus on Content, one day on the technical elements of Videoconferencing.

The date has now been agreed for the Janet VC User group Content event-it will be on Thursday 5th December. It will be aimed at schools(all Key Stages) and FE, teachers, users, lecturers, Head teachers, subject heads.There will be presentations from a selection of Janet Content Providers,also opportunities for Janet updates and feedback on the types of content required for the future, also Q&A and awards.

The Technical event will be held on Wednesday 11th December. The target audience will include IT Managers, lecturers, support staff, users of the service. The sessions will cover the latest advances in software and hardware technologies, desktop videoconferencing and the technical challenges associated with VC, Janet updates, also the opportunity for Q&A, to discuss topics such as connectivity, interoperability.

The link to register is

 As you may recall last year we were at the National Space Centre.

This year both events will be held via videoconference, so there is no need for anyone to travel.

We thought it a good opportunity to showcase the capabilities of VC.

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