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Several universities have approached Jisc over the past year regarding the potential for sending broadcast content between a university and a national broadcaster.

This group is for all those who are interested in this area, and are likely to or have already started sending content to broadcasters.


The next development in a project to send content to broadcasters comes to fruition on 21 October when three ‘broadcast hubs’ will open up around the UK. Imperial College London, Loughborough University and Liverpool John Moores University have been working with us and Globelynx to provide a professional studio and the supporting technology to connect with the media at each location. These hubs will capitalise on their Janet network connection ensuring the highest quality sound and audio content can be guaranteed because of Janet’s low latency, reliability and speed.


Are you an academic or local organisation near Liverpool John Moores Univerisity? Interested in connecting with national and international broadcasters without having to travel to them, thus saving money and time. 

Well, Liverpool John Moores University have recently become a broadcast hub, giving other organisations the chance to use their new studios. 

To find out more, please go to

Or contact:


**This is now closed**

We are extending the proposal submission deadline for this project by 1 week. The new deadline date is midday on Friday 24th April 2015.

We have also created a proposal template (attached) to help break down the details we are looking for in the proposal, and help ease the writing process.


What do we mean by “Broadcast Hubs”?

Three Janet-connected sites will be selected, after an application process, to become Broadcast Hubs. These sites will house equipment required to connect to network broadcasters, allowing researchers and experts to film their half of an interview, and stream it live. This allows the sites to engage with networks without the large time and monetary expense of travelling to reach the studios.

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