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New: Next NHS-HE Forum on 16th January 2020, NHS-HE IG Working Group meeting 17th Oct 19

NHS-Higher Education Connectivity Project: about

NHS-HE Forum: about+archive, last meeting, next - 16th January 2020, more details soon

Scotland NHS-HE Forum:archive, next - currently on hold

NHS & eduroam, List of hospitals providing eduroam

Govroam  - roaming federation for the public services

NHS-HE Information Governance Working Group - particularly for those involved in applying for health data for research, especially where this involves an NHS Digital Data Security and Protection Toolkit submission

Please join this group and comment, also the parallel NHS-HE Forum JISCMAIL group for email updates.

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Gerry Reilly is the CTO of Health Data Research UK, the over-arching organisation to help support the devolopment of research using health data in the UK. It succeeds the successful partnership of the Farr Institute. Gerry describes the fast moving plans to create a "research platform" and the Digital Innovation Hub opportunity. Also the current call for Sprint Exemplar Innovation Projects.


Jacky gives the background to the creation of the Farr Institute, Medical Bioinformatics Initiative and Administrative Data Research Centres. She then goes on to describe the work being undertaken with these centres and Janet to try and find solutions that allow data to be accessed securely, data shared safely and to support the partners to work together collaboratively. Hence two projects looking at a secure network layer over Janet and at options for authentication, authorisation, allocation and identity management (AAAI).

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