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Identity and Access Management

24 October 2013 at 3:16pm

The NHS in England, Scotland and Wales use OpenAthens for access management for electronic journal and kowledge base resources e.g.

It was announced on 19th February 2013 that NICE have contracted with Eduserv for 2 years for the NHS in England to use OpenAthens:

OpenAthens provides a managed approach to federated access management and is used by a significant number of Universities as well.

In Northern Ireland, library and knowledge management services are provided to health and social care  by Queens University Belfast - their honni service.

Now mostly for the archive below!

There are ongoing discussions with the NHS about the potential for collaboration and inter-working of access management mechanisms in both sectors. Education and research has moved to a strategy of federated access management through JISC and BECTA funded initiatives and the setting up of the UK Access Management Federation for Education & Research.

Presentations on federated access management:

Janet worked with the NHS National Library for Health(NLH) in England and the NLH Technical Design Authority Group in scoping a project looking at "NHS Open Standards, Simplified Sign On". The project brief was published setting out some of the issues and thinking. However the NLH became part of NHS Evidence on 1st April 2009 and as part of this change the project stopped. NHS Evidence undertook an "Athens Review" as part of a programme of reviews of the technical support for its work. It is understood that a further review is planned for 2010. This type of activity is discussed by the SHA Library Leads IM&T Group

NHS Education Scotland are moving in the direction of federated access management and became members of the UK access management federation for education and research on a trial basis in March 2010. More details will be made available when they are announced.