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    Old Netsight Shutdown - March 2020

    The old version of Netsight will be turned off at the end of March 2020 !If you have Netsight information and reports populating web pages, intranet reports or operation desk systems - please ensure you migrate to netsight3 and test these reports' function.  Notify us imediately of any issues. Please email with a subject line of "FAO: Netsight2 Closure Project" 


    New Netsight (Netsight3)



    IP Multicast is a bandwidth conserving technology that can reduce traffic by transporting single streams of information across the network backbone to regional and local distribution points where the data is replicated for simultaneous delivery to multiple users. Some applications that can take advantage of Multicast include videoconferencing, video serving and news distribution.

    An IPv6 Multicast Technical Guide is available.The updated IPv4 Multicast Technical Guide will be available in...
    Carrier Ethernet Project – Final ReportCarrier Ethernet technology introductionEmerging Carrier Ethernet Technologies. Technical Overview. The document has 37 pages and includes:Technical description of PB, PBB, PBB-TE, VPLS (EoMPLS) technologies;Metro Ethernet Forum specifications describing Carrier Ethernet as a serviceGlossaryThe Janet Carrier Ethernet project Call for Participation in the projectLightpath Extensions through Regional Networks. Overview of issues and Enabling...