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This group is a working technical group comprised of representatives from the RBCs and local authorities in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. The group's aim is to support schools in understanding the technical landscape that faces them, ensuring standards across our regions and supporting each region by sharing technical knowledge. The group publishes technical papers which can be found on the advice page of the NEN website

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Janet Services for Schools

Janet Services for Schools

Janet can provide a range of services to schools via Regional Broadband Consortia (RBC) and Local Authorities. This page lists the services available and provides links to further information.

RBCs and LAs interested in taking additional services should contact the Janet Service Desk:

  • email:
  • Tel: 0300 300 2212

Schools should contact their LA or RBC for more information. Contact details and more information about the National Education Network can be found at

Janet connect

We deliver high-speed internet connections to our community. Working with RBCs and Local Authorities we can provide access to the National Education Network and high capacity and high reliability Internet transit. Schools and Academies wishing to connect to the Janet network should contact their RBC or LA.


Primary Nameserver Service

The Primary Nameserver service holds and maintains the primary source of domain name information for Janet customers.

Secondary Nameserver Service

The Secondary Nameserver service acts as an off-site secondary source of top level domain name information for customers.

Off-site Resolver Service

Intended for organisations with smaller networks, this service provides backup domain name resolution for e-mail and web requests - ensuring you stay connected to the Internet.

Webmail Service

The Janet Webmail Service is an easy to use service provided by RM Education. It is based on RM's EasyMail Plus and as such is specifically designed for education.

IP Address Assignment

If you are seeking to establish a Janet Connection, we will acquire an IP network number in the Janet allocated range, on behalf of your organisation.

Web Hosting

Provided by RM, the Janet Web Hosting Service provides a space on central web servers for Janet-connected organisations to publish websites. The service is available on either a Linux or a Windows platform and is suitable both for a production website and as a standby website for contingency purposes.

Network Time Service (NTP)

We offer Janet connected institutions access to the Janet Network Time Service, as part of your connection, at no extra cost. We deliver a stable time reference using the Network Time Protocol (NTP) specified in RFC 5905.

Web Filtering

Tailored to your local policies to prevent access to unauthorised websites and URLs, Janet’s central proxy server hosted on the Janet core network is a charged for service based on RM’s SafetyNet solution.


DNS blocklists and whitelists identify either sources of email abuse, or known 'good' email servers. If you have a Janet connection, you will also have easy access to a number of leading DNS blocklists and whitelists.


Janet 3G

Janet 3G provides a high capacity data service via dongles and SIMs, giving your academic and support staff network access on the move. The service is provided by our partner aql on behalf of Janet.

Janet Colocation

A service providing you with space in a fully managed, secure data centre that is connected to the Janet core network.

Managed Router Service

Giving you peace of mind by providing full service management of the router on your premises that connects your network to the Janet network.

Janet Netsight

Monitoring over 1200 connections for over 850 users, Janet Netsight is designed to provide you with insight into your network status and performance. For example, you can see the current status of the NEN connections at

Authentication & Authorisation


Schools are able to join eduroam via their RBC, LA or a third party identity provider to enable teachers and pupils to have secure roaming internet access.

UK federation

The UK Access Management Federation provides the UK schools, further and higher education and research sectors with a framework for accessing online learning material by using federated identity solutions, such as Shibboleth. This gives institutions a route to single sign-on to resources and reduces user support requirements for publishers and service providers by passing authentication decisions back to identity providers and allowing for more accurate implementation of licence conditions. Schools are able to join the UK Access Management Federation via their RBC, LA or a third party identity provider to enable teachers, pupils and parents to have secure, authenticated access to digital resources wherever they are.

Janet Certificate Service

The Janet Certificate Service (JCS) provides SSL server certificates which are used to secure web services. Where a web service is secured with an SSL certificate, information between the service and the user’s web browser is encrypted and cannot be eavesdropped by a third party. SSL certificates also provide some level of assurance regarding the owner of the web service. We issue certificates on behalf of our partner, Comodo, the commercial Certificate Authority (CA). Schools can get JCS certificates via their RBC or LA.

Janet collaborate

Janet collaborate offers you access to services that make communicating with staff, students, other institutions and partners easier.

Janet Videoconferencing Service

Janet videoconferencing helps you bring colleagues and collaborators closer - whether you want to share resources with another institution, bring content in from remote locations or just convene a meeting. See also

Janet txt

Janet txt is a secure SMS messaging service, enabling you to manage and distribute messages to specific individuals or groups via their mobiles, landlines, email or pagers. Janet txt is provided by PageOne on behalf of Janet.