Excel for Research -- Power BI and the Cloud

21 February 2014 at 3:37pm

You may be interested in the free webinar that Microsoft Research is running next Wednesday. One of the presenters is Kenji Takeda, UK & European lead for Microsoft Research. Data manipulation and visualisation will be covered as will using Office 365 to store, share and visualise data sets.

Excel for Research -- Power BI and the Cloud (CSD390CAL)

Discover how Excel can help you with your research, including new Power BI features for data science and dynamic visualization

Date                   Wednesday 26th February

Time                   4pm

Duration           1 Hour

Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools for researchers to manage, analyse and visualize their data. Learn about new data discovery and analysis features in Excel with the collaboration capabilities in the new Power BI for Office 365 online service, and how it can be used with Windows Azure. Find out more on the Excel Power BI and Windows Azure for Research websites.

Areas covered in the session:

  • How to use Excel Power BI for science and research
  • Using Excel Power Query to browse, refine and analyse research data
  • How to use Excel as a gateway to Windows Azure
  • Designing research data analysis services using PowerView
  • Visualising 4D data in Excel using PowerMap

Presenter Kenji Takeda, lead for Microsoft Research in the UK

Please register following the link below:

Free interactive webinar "Excel for Research - Power BI and the Cloud" on February 26 at 8 am PST.


Learn to tell stories with data at the Excel for Research webinar - blog post

“We hear a lot these days about “data science,” but what is it, exactly? …Data collection, data management, data wrangling, big data, broad data—these are all pieces of the data-science puzzle. One view is that data science is all about telling stories—with data. However, the stories are definably non-fiction: it’s about separating fact from fiction, gut instinct from incontrovertible evidence.” Read more…