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This is a place to discuss Jisc Cloud Services and related topics, including cloud storage and research data management, amongst other things.

Jisc's cloud blog post is available at:

There you can read about whether cloud benefits outweigh the challenges and what it costs to migrate apps to the cloud.

CESG has some useful documents on Cloud security guidance and best practice - just follow the link


Martin Hamilton and Dan Perry at Jisc have written a report on the future of cloud computing. Click here to find out more about the origins of cloud services, their implications for institutions, what Jisc has done to help institutions adopt cloud services and some ideas on what Jisc can do in the future. Included in that report are success stories from the organisations that use cloud services - read about the collaboration, research and cost savings that have been realised.


Jisc recently carried out a study to investigate whether cloud based systems and services can meet the needs of the education sector and also to determine the level of interest from the sector.

The results can be found here and if you scroll to the bottom of that page you can find the raw, anonymised data. 38 HE organisations and 37 FE providers took part in the survey.


What is the cloud?

Cloud computing is the delivery of IT as services over the internet. Cloud users don't need to purchase or install software and companies don't have to run their own application and data servers; the cloud service providers ("CSPs") host applications and provide the computing power from their data centres.

What are the benefits and disadvantages of using the cloud?

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