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Welcome to the community group for AG Collaboration. It is a means for customers to provide feedback and receive updates on the service. AG Collaboration in simple terms is a videoconferencing application that uses audio and video tools allowing people in different locations worldwide to meet. Participants can see and speak to each other in realtime, use online chat and share applications simultaneously. As an application, AG is ideal for any size of meeting due to its scalability. At its most basic it can run on a laptop with webcam using the laptop's display and webcam microphone for a one-to-one meeting or it can be used in a conference room with a server, several high specification cameras and large display boards to create a group-to-group meeting with participants from across the globe. Making the move from IG2 to Visimeet

Multicast Bridging update May 2012

9 September 2013 at 9:21am

Multicast-Unicast Bridging

The Multicast-Unicast Bridges are for sites in the process of establishing multicast connectivity (i.e. new Access Grid sites) and/or for sites with temporary multicast problems. Use of the IOCOM Multicast-Unicast Bridge is available to any site that has passed a QA test (or that has registered on our QA testing programme, but is yet to take one). Use of the other bridges is available to any UK user.

The bridge is a helpful failover when problems are experienced; however, it is no substitute for fully working multicast. If you do not have multicast enabled or you are experiencing problems, speak to your local network support staff. If problems are not still resolved, then talk to us. Since we work for JANET(UK) it is helpful for us to know the status of multicast connectivity and frequent problems so that we can work to resolve them.

Currently, the AGSC is running two Multicast-Unicast bridges:

If your network only supports Unicast and does not support Multicast connections you will need to use a bridge to connect with others using Multicast. There is document attached which explains how to bridge to connect with others from June 1st 2012. This is to take into account that the Argonne National Labs will no longer be providing a bridging service after that date.
Please note there will be no change to the current Janet service and support infrastructure.

  • IOCOM software and is available for those of you running IOCOM IG2 clients.
  • An AG Toolkit Bridge Server for those running the latest open source client. Those still using the older client version 3.02 should visit the Bridge Registry page to see how to set up and switch between lists of bridges shown in their client. Please note that this switch may also be used with client version 3.1 as a backup in case the ANL registry fails. Version 3.1 also allows you to add more than one registry.
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