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Welcome to the community group for AG Collaboration. It is a means for customers to provide feedback and receive updates on the service. AG Collaboration in simple terms is a videoconferencing application that uses audio and video tools allowing people in different locations worldwide to meet. Participants can see and speak to each other in realtime, use online chat and share applications simultaneously. As an application, AG is ideal for any size of meeting due to its scalability. At its most basic it can run on a laptop with webcam using the laptop's display and webcam microphone for a one-to-one meeting or it can be used in a conference room with a server, several high specification cameras and large display boards to create a group-to-group meeting with participants from across the globe. Making the move from IG2 to Visimeet

IG2 to Visimeet

9 September 2013 at 9:21am

Janet is continually working to evaluate the quality of the VC products available, to ensure the community is able to benefit from improvements using the latest technologies.

The IG2 service has been supported on Janet for a decade. However, when IOCOM launched its replacement Visimeet in 2010, the IG2 system effectively reached end of life. Janet has continued to support the service and servers for the community since then to allow for time to transition. However the hardware is now due for retirement.

Visimeet, which is a Janet Connected service, also provided by IOCOM, has been in service since August 2011. The server infrastructure is hosted on the core of the Janet network, and is supported in Edinburgh by the Janet Videoconferencing Service. Visimeet provides all the functionality of IG2 with enhanced features and improved video and audio quality.

The hardware used by IG2 should be completely compatible with Visimeet and making the transition from one to the other is designed to be straightforward.

Visimeet offers a greater range of features than IG2, such as a single unified interface, and H.323 interoperability.  The new client is more scalable, being available on an individual as well as room level, and can be installed without administrator rights on a system. It also can be used on PC, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS devices.

We understand there has been previous notification from IOCOM to encourage users to try Visimeet, and there is a 30 day free trial. For a room system, there is an annual service charge of £120 to move existing IG2 over to Visimeet - there are no further licence costs.

For more information on the transition from IG2 to Visimeet see

Having reviewed the IG2 service, we are keen to communicate our plans to the Janet community at an early stage.

Janet has decided to end support of IG2 on 31st of August 2013 when the servers will be switched off.

Full details are available at:

Please feel free to contact Janet by email at for any further information about any of our services.