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Welcome to the community group for AG Collaboration. It is a means for customers to provide feedback and receive updates on the service. AG Collaboration in simple terms is a videoconferencing application that uses audio and video tools allowing people in different locations worldwide to meet. Participants can see and speak to each other in realtime, use online chat and share applications simultaneously. As an application, AG is ideal for any size of meeting due to its scalability. At its most basic it can run on a laptop with webcam using the laptop's display and webcam microphone for a one-to-one meeting or it can be used in a conference room with a server, several high specification cameras and large display boards to create a group-to-group meeting with participants from across the globe. Making the move from IG2 to Visimeet

EVO to Seevogh FAQ

9 September 2013 at 9:21am

Please note that Janet users of EVO need to add themselves to the Janet community in the EVO system (if they are not already)  to ensure uninterrupted service of EVO and Seevogh in 2013.More details of how to do this are at

To help explain the changes being undertaken with EVO and the transition to Seevogh, the following FAQ have been issued.

Example questions

Is EVO going away?

Not at all. EVO is continuing through an expanded evolutionary offering (SeeVogh) which assure continued support and improvements to the service.

Will EVO remain available for me in 2013?

EVO will remain available for those communities who choose to fund their share of the service costs of the service offering. The EVO service will be fully operational to them as needed to facilitate the transition to SeeVogh. For all the others communities that decided to not fund their use of the service, their access to the EVO collaboration service will be disable on January 1, 2013.

What is SeeVogh?

SeeVogh is the evolutionary next step beyond EVO. SeeVogh is provided by the same folks that developed and supported EVO at Caltech and is the natural commercial outcome from many years of operational deployment. SeeVogh comes in two forms. SeeVogh Research Network (SRN) and SeeVogh Hybrid Cloud.

What is the difference between EVO and SeeVogh Research Network (SRN)?

EVO is the video collaboration service that was developed by California Institute of Technology (Caltech) use by the global research community. SeeVogh Research Network is the next generation offering beyond EVO. EVO is still available to authorized communities, but (like SRN) is now managed by Evogh, Inc. SRN has many of the same features as EVO but provides additional functionality including:

·  Updated and simplified user interface

·  Single window interface in a meeting

·  Mobile device support (beta for iOS and Android for both smartphones and tablets)

·  Call-in H.323/SIP service that lets you join a meeting directly from your H.323/SIP device or room system

·  Better bandwidth management

·  Guests access to meetings

·  The ability to use Shibboleth/CAS/LDAP authentication

I am an EVO user, should I registered again to the SeeVogh Research Network to be able to access the new service?

No. The EVO and SeeVogh Research Network services are fully compatible. They share the same database for user authentication and meeting access, and work together seamlessly.

Can I use the SeeVogh Research Network service to join an EVO meetings and vice-versa?

Yes. The EVO and SeeVogh Research Network services are fully compatible: they share the same database for user authentication and meeting access, and interwork seamlessly. All meetings are accessible via EVO or SRN. And you can use either services to join the same meeting, although we encourage you to use SRN as it will become the primary service.

How can I evaluate and test the SeeVogh Research Network service?

The SeeVogh Research Network service is now open to current EVO users at no cost, for the remainder of 2012. See

What is the difference between SeeVogh Research Network and SeeVogh Hybrid Cloud?

SeeVogh Research Network is a private service available only to the current scientific research community that is using EVO. SeeVogh Hybrid Cloud is available to anyone who wishes to do video collaboration and is available at

Will I still be able to work with my community?

Yes, so long as your community has paid for the SRN service by January 1, 2013.

Why is this change taking place?

Costs associated with the service have been more concentrated on a few communities. This change more fairly distributes the cost associated to operate, develop and support the service across all communities.