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Welcome to the Janet Scotland microsite for customers in Scotland.These pages contain information for and about the Janet community in Scotland.  Janet connects Scotland's Higher Education Institutes and Further Education Colleges and Research organisations.  It provides backhaul connectivity for Scotland's Schools network, Glow, and for the 32 Local Authorities in Scotland.

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4 February 2014 at 1:51pm

Stealthwatch: Janet and Janet Aberdeen have worked together to ensure the continuation of the Stealthwatch monitoring tool, although it is not run by Janet itself and was procured by AbMAN outside the Janet Partner Agreement. When Janet took over direct operation it was clearly understood that part of the overall service would be the continued use of Stealthwatch.



Monitoring: The Janet Netsight Service is a network traffic monitoring system that provides an easy to understand view of the status and performance of the Janet network including customer access links. To access Netsight you will need a username and password.

Web Reports: These provide a summary of traffic usage, performance and availability for Janet Aberdeen primary connected sites.

Mean traffic loading of connection

90th percentile traffic to site

Availability of Connection