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Our Evolving Regional Policy Context

Janet is in a key phase of its development in its procurement of what will be a greatly enhanced network, Janet6, for our research and education community.  The various strategic discussions with a variety of stakeholders during the procurement phase has highlighted that Janet is operating in an increasingly complex world, particularly in the area of developing appropriate regional strategies.A key issue for us in considering our future plans has been exploring how Janet’s evolving regional delivery strategies fit within external regional policy developments and programmes. Issues looming on our horizon include our involvement in the UK Government’s e-Infrastructure and Public Services Network Initiatives, devolved Government priorities and programmes, regional Next Generation Broadband initiatives, and the development of new partnerships within and outside the education and research sector. In engaging with such initiatives we always consider how the best interests of our core communities are met. We ensure that any additional usage of the network by a broader community adds value to the work of the education and research sectors. Getting this right can bring significant benefits for all involved.

“Collaborating with Janet and the Kent FE/HE community has brought many benefits.  The pool of shared knowledge is now deeper and wider, innovation has been enhanced and jointly funded service improvements have been welcomed by both the tertiary and the Kent public sectors.” Peter Banbury, chair Kent Public Sector Network Management Board.

We are aware that, when considered on a regional basis, not all issues and solutions are the same, and Janet and our partners will need help in making sense of this complex area. We are also aware that university and college staff who may be considering their response to regional initiatives, would value a better understanding of JISC and Janet policy as well as having a place to discuss issues. It is in this broader, and rapidly evolving, regional policy context that we have decided to create a new Regional Networking Forum to facilitate discussions with our community.

The Regional Networking Forum will:

  • Focus on high level national issues that affect regional strategy and policy issues, rather than purely local issues.
  • Share intelligence on regional issues, act as a sounding board for developing Janet regional strategies, and promote better understanding of JISC and Janet policy in the user community.
  • Provide an effective, open forum for exchange of ideas and debate between users and practitioners, including regular presentations from external speakers.
  • Have a core membership recruited from our education and research community plus key stakeholders, but the Forum will also be open to other people to attend.
  • The Forum will meet twice a year, starting in autumn 2012 and will initially be set up for one year.

Further Information:

Please contact Dr Liz Bell, Head of Policy and Public Affairs liz.bell@ja.net

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