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This site is for Janet customers in the London region and aims to provide a method of sharing information and ideas for our customers within London. Janet encourages you to interact with us through this group to share your ideas and current work so that others may benefit from your experiences and help inform the shaping of Janet services.


You can find the slides and summary for this event at

Many thanks to those that attended and made this a very successful event.

Jisc RSC London and Janet Services Day

Janet is pleased to be working with the Jisc RSC London again to provide a day of information regarding services relevant to our regional customers in London.

We have the following speakers and subjects for you:


The contract for Janet connections in the London region was signed 7th November 2013 and work now begins in earnest to plan, build and deliver your Janet connections.

You should have received details from Gary Blake, the Janet Project Manager in late September or early October this year.

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