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“Janet Connected” is a new initiative to allow commercial organisations to connect to Janet for the effective and efficient delivery of network services to our community.

Commercial partners can expect that a direct, physical connection to the core of the Janet network will give them a preferred position to their commercial offering for the Janet community, and delivers the critical mass to help make delivery cost-effective.  This will also be aligned to the “Janet Connected” branding, ensuring that community organisations understand the position such suppliers hold as partners. 

The Janet community benefit from having a pool of suppliers, in a range of technology areas that have a direct, physical connection to the core of the Janet network, offering the confidence of network capacity, availability and reliability, whilst ensuring aggregated delivery of services, competition of provision and focusing on the needs of research & education.  

This group is set up specifically for Janet Connected Partners to communicate with the Janet community in regard the companies themselves as well as their product or service offering.

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