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Welcome to the Jisc Certificate Service group.

The service offers a number of different X509 SSL certificates, including Extended Validation certificates that give users the highest possible assurance, as well as S/MIME email certificates for digitally signing emails. Jisc has an agreement with the Certificate Authority, QuoVadis who is the provider of the certificates.

The service has been running since 2006 and has issued many thousands of certificates to organisations in UK research and education.

This is a Community group where users can obtain relevant information, receive service updates and provide feedback.


The following certificates can be obtained through the Jisc Certificate Service's web app, found in the App Centre here:

The service provides Extended Validation (EV) server certificates S/MIME end user for digitally signing emails for high, both of which offer users the highest possible assurance. Business/Organisation Validated (OV) and Wildcard (of OV type) certificates are also available.


All certificates issued are SHA-256.



For all FAQs please click on the header link 'Charging FAQs'

Jisc Certificate Service – charging update 24.04.2013 - 10 new points:

1. Why is the date for charging being moved?


SHA-1 and Google Chrome: 20 November 2014

On 18 November Google released Chrome 39 which will now result in users visiting web services secured with SHA-1 certificates that expire in 2017 being shown a grey padlock with a yellow warning triangle, instead of the usual recognisable green padlock.


If you have been affected by the OpenSSL bug, dubbed ‘heartbleed’ and need to replace SSL certificates as a result of this vulnerability, we are happy to replace the certificate credit used to obtain the replacement certificate. Registered authorised users should first obtain the new SSL certificate in the usual way from their Janet Certificate Service account using the following link:  

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