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Charging Tariff

From 3 June 2013, charging will be introduced for SSL certificates.

1. Certificates can be purchased in bundles ranging from 1 to 250 certificates, at a significant discount for UK research and education.

The following table shows the available certificate bundles, and each bundle can include any mix of Domain Validated (DV), Organisation Validated (OV) and Extended Validation (EV) certificates.  How many of each certificate type you require from a bundle does not need to be decided up front, instead each certificate you obtain will be deducted from the number of available certificate credits in the bundle.

Mixed certificate bundles: Includes any mix of DV, OV and EV certificates: Price Equivalent cost per certificate 
(=1) £35 + VAT £35
5 £160 + VAT £32
10 £300 + VAT £30
25 £700 + VAT £28
50 £1,250 + VAT £25
100 £2,000 + VAT £20
250 £4,500 + VAT £18

All prices exclude VAT.

Certificate bundles will be able to be purchased through the JCS web App which is being launched on this website, on the 3 June 2013. Bundles will be able to be purchased online using a credit card or by PO.

Prices quoted are for the full duration of the certificate, not per year. So the cost of all bundles listed below is the same regardless of whether you request 1, 2 or 3 year certificates.

NB - Certificate bundle credits should be used within 24 months (increased from 12 months) after which the certificate credits in the bundle expire. The actual SSL certificates that are obtained from the bundle will be valid for the period that you choose, i.e. 1, 2 or 3 years.

Janet recommends the use of higher assurance Extended Validation (EV) certificates, because they provide users with immediate assurance about the authenticity of the web service owner,  instantly recognisable through the green colour of the text or background in the web browser address bar.

For this reason, we've chosen not to distinguish between DV, OV and EV in terms of cost to remove the financial barrier for use of the higher assurance OV and EV certificates.

2. The Janet Certificate Service is also able to provide specialist SSL certificates:

These certificates can be purchased individually and include:

2.1. Unified Communications (UC) certificates at £100 each.

2.2. Wildcard certificates at £100 each.

3. You choose the duration of the certificate 1, 2 or 3 years, although EV and UC certificates are limited to 2 years. All types of certificates costs 1 'credit' from each bundle, irrespective of the duration you select. All prices exclude VAT.

4. Certificates can be purchased either online using a credit card, or through a Purchase Order, from 3 June 2013 through the new JCS web app, when it is launched on the same day.