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 Arcus Global portal to AWS After having run for almost 4 years, the current Arcus Global framework is coming to the end of its lifetime and will finish on 9 August 2018. Under the Jisc Cloud Services portfolio, Jisc now offer the GÉANT Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) framework, providing you with an EU directive compliant procurement route to purchase cloud services including AWS. The GÉANT IaaS Framework  facilitates the purchase of IaaS cloud services, including AWS. Azure and cloud services from other providers. There are 3 suppliers for AWS on the framework. Using the framework, you can make a direct award to any participating supplier. Alternatively, you can run a mini-competition if something other than standard services are required.  Jisc apply a 3.5% administration fee for using the framework.  Here are some of the advantages of using the GÉANT framework: A national compliance due diligence assessment of the framework has been carried out, ensuring its suitability for UK users Jisc has worked closely with GÉANT to ensure GDPR compliancy Jisc can assist in obtaining prices from suppliers so that comparisons can be made Jisc acts as an escalation point to suppliers should any issues arise Benefits of the framework include: access to discounts that would not otherwise be obtained procurement was run under EU procurement directives contracts are set up in accordance with UK law eliminates the need to run your own procurement direct award can be made to any participating supplier make the most of the high capacity, low latency Janet network benefit form simplicity of single sign-on” If you have any questions please contact

AWS egress waiver via Arcus Global portal

20 October 2016 at 9:56am

Arcus Global is an approved research and education data egress waiver partner. What this means is that Arcus serve as a pre-approved supplier whereby qualifying education and research workloads/accounts automatically receive the benefits of this egress waiver programme (detailed here without having in to complete any extra paperwork or forms.

In addition to this benefit, Arcus is a service aggregator which means that the total egress charge waived is aggregated across ALL qualifying education and research accounts. This aggregation takes the total potential egress charge waiver value above the 15% maximum that AWS provide for any single qualifying account. 

These two - zero effort - benefits make Arcus an obvious choice for fast and cost effective access to AWS via the Janet backbone. 

Arcus continues to provide implementation, advisory and support services for Education customers using AWS. You can contact Amish Gir at Arcus to find out more about an AWS account and to see if you qualify -