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Members of the research and education community within the United Kingdom regularly make use of various types of online services, including web-based e-resources, wireless network access, and cloud-based applications. Many of these services require authentication of a user's identity, and many additionally require the release of attributes relating to that identity for authorisation purposes. Access and Identity management technologies and services aim to fulfil this need for robust authentication and authorisation technologies. Jisc either runs or is heavily involved with many major services offered to the UK R&E community in this space such as eduroam, the UK federation, Moonshot, and the Janet Certificate Service. This group exists for those interested in AIM and trust and identity services to discuss the latest developments, keep track of goings-on, and participate in discussions about what the community needs in this area and what Jisc should be offering. (Note that for eduroam, Moonshot, and the Janet Certificate Service specific discussions, these technologies have their own groups on this site). To learn more about Jisc's AIM services, you can see the slides and video of an overview given at Networkshop42.

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