Question: Testing new Radius server

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Is it possible to accurately test a specific radius server on eduroam?

I can see most things are working but I want to test visitor access, but from what I understand if you send a test message to it should loop back, but it is not possible to guarantee which of my radius servers it would come back to.

Secondly I want to change our realm name to reflect the company name change. however as I see it you set up radius severs per site not per realm, so how to I make it so that requests to realm X got to radius server 1 and realm Y go to B? Is this possible our do I just need to use the existing radius proxy to do this internally?

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in answer to your initial query - you can choose which NRPS to send the request to - however it is down to their logic which ORPS that request will go to.

However, if you only have ONE ORPS thats marked as test/dev then that request will ONLY be sent to that one ORPS. So no problem.

All RADIUS servers are used for all realms in your organisation - if you have requirements for dealing with another realm that must be treated separately then that logic/proxying requirement needs to be done on the ORPS. The ORPS is where a site defines their policy - you shouldn't rely on an external agent for such policy. This approach has been used effectively in many mergers and breakups of organisations within eduroam UK.

Recommend the mailing list or Janet service desk is used for questions