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Funder Dashboard

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The dashboard addresses some reporting requirements set out by the Welsh Government in relation to its Grant Agreements with Jisc, in particular the reporting notes on page 18 of the letter dated 7 December 2017.

The views are:

  • Service usage – shows the proportion of the 14 FE institutions in Wales that use a Jisc service over a selected time period.
  • Subscriptions – shows the services subscribed to by the individual institutions over a selected time period.
  • Interaction – shows the number of meetings and events held between Jisc and staff from the agreed Skills Providers and FE institutions.
  • Page views – shows the overall number of pages viewed and sessions from Welsh FE institutions directly by month, with figures for: Jisc guides, Jisc blogs, Jisc R&D project pages, Jisc events, Jisc Wales, and Jisc pages in Welsh.
  • Event attendance – shows the events attended by Welsh FE staff and consortium events by month and event type, ie whether it’s training, technology training, a Jisc organised face to face or online event.
  • Network – shows the numbers of Welsh FE institutions with Eduroam and network connections and the bandwidth for the connections by month.
  • Subscription fees & savings – lists the fees and savings for the Jisc Collection subscriptions by month.
  • Ebook savings – lists the savings for through ebook usage by month.
  • Availability – shows the availability of network connections by month.
  • Nation comparison – compares the proportion of FE institutions in a nation using a service for selected time period
  • Welsh v Scottish usage – compares the average usage per FE institution in Wales and Scotland for specific services per academic year
  • Key usage – compares the usage of specific services by academic year
  • Activities – shows examples of key activities with agreed skills providers and FE institutions
  • Specific activities – examples of activities fulfilling specific Welsh Government requirements
  • R&D – describes research activities with agreed skills providers and FE institutions


  • The dashboards need to be viewed in conjunction with the three Jisc reports which provide narrative context for the data. A comparison month on month may not be meaningful given the time of year and syllabus followed.
  • The dashboards allow users to interactively explore data; they should be viewed onscreen rather than printed. If printed they will show what is on the screen - not what data needs to be scrolled through to view. Selecting one service area, either Jisc Digital Resources or Jisc Technologies will usually fit onto one screen.
  • Where appropriate hovering over a figure will give details including a description of the service.
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